1984 Dialectical Journal Analysis

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Yash Patel Mrs. Choi AP Literature October 2015 1984 Dialectal Journals for Part 2 Text Response 1. “In front of him was an enemy who was trying to kill him; in front of him, also was a human creature… He had indistinctively started forward to help her,” (Orwell 106) This quote shows that even in this time where they live in a life where they are being manipulated, Winston is still living in a time where he is experiencing hatred, but still maintains what keeps him normal or humane, which keeps him separated from everyone else. This hate is showing that people still have hate for each other and still want to kill each other but it also shows the true human he is by helping her when she was threatened. (82 words) 2. “The air seemed …show more content…

“There was a direct, intimate connection between chastity and the political orthodoxy…” (Orwell 133) I think that in this quote, it shows that they are about to have sex or have already started, but it seems as if they have the fear of what sex will do to their lives, such as the fear of what will come out of the act of having sex. I also think it means that they weren’t that comfortable when they were going to have sex because maybe they were scared of what would happen due to the government (The Party) restricting intimacy and love. The part of the quote says, “direct and intimate connection”, which makes any reader believe that they automatically started to have sex very quickly. (111 …show more content…

“It’s the one thing they can’t do. They can make you say anything-anything-but they can’t make you believe in it. They can’t get inside you.” (Orwell 166) The fact that he is saying that the party can make you say something but they can’t make you believe in it shows, that was a form in which he coped with things and it was a way for him to escape the world he was living in and imagine a whole new world like the “Golden State” he had dreamed about. “They can’t get inside you,” seems contradicting with his character because he believed in so many things like the thought police and death if you were caught having your own thoughts. Although they can’t physically get inside you they get inside you through the use of terror, and although these things terrified him there was no evidence that it was real, or that the thought police would be watching you through the television screens. (136

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