Compare 1984 To Today

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1984 has a great deal to say about today's society, because today isn't like it was back then ,with in time everything changes like: people, technology, the amount of freedom back then to now, even our gender roles changed woman had less rights back then but today they have more rights than man which it changes a lot of our society. 1984 is so different than the live that we are living in today. for example State control, back then it is controlled by the government which is big brother, big brother is a strong huge government even today states and governments still continue to exert increasing vigilance and control on the public, governemt can always control the people. they want to control the people and everything that's why people hate …show more content…

the government back in 1984 is so related today in our lives and government is even stronger today because there's so many ways to brainwash the people's brain and lie to them and not even tell the truth to them. the government can brainwash the people by brainwash their minds through advertising and in so many other ways. these days the government can have whatever information they want about people because we have opened all of our cards to the government. even about our own personal lives they are able to know what's going on with our personal lives and that makes them have even more control on the

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