Government Control In George Orwell's 1984

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In the united states today the government has so much power than what people may think. They have control over innocent citizens. The kind of power the government has over us has gotten to a limit where now they know where we are at and all of our private information safe on our cell phones. George Orwell’s novel 1984 gives a great example of how the government controls the people. In the novel they tell us about the government from Oceania, and how they control every single second of the citizens’ lives. Do you think it is fair that the government has that kind of control? In my opinion, I believe that the government doesn't need to know our every movement. They don't need to know where we are located at, or what we are doing, and what we…show more content…
In Nineteen Eighty Four, the totalitarian has had a big impact on many of the citizens of Oceania but mostly on Winston and Julia two citizens who have denied to be controlled by big brother. Big brother is the leader of Oceania.” Big brother is watching you”. (Orwell, page 28) Big brother is always watching every single move citizens of Oceania make. For example, big brother has so much power to the point where there is a type of surveillance camera which they call a telescreen. The Telescreens are placed in every single room of every citizens’ home in Oceania where their every move is being monitored throughout the day. The telescreen not only works to see your every move but also to hear every word that is being said. Not only does big brother watch your every move in a telescreen but as well as through the children. Big brother has so much control of the citizens that even he has young children as spies. In Oceania, the citizens don't have any control of their thoughts or feelings basically their lives.many writers have pointed out similarities between the modern world and the world in 1984 such as the article “That’s no phone. That's my tracker,” by Peter Maass and Megha
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