Examples Of Propaganda In 1984 By George Orwell

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Life in the real world, compared to that in the novel, “1984” by George Orwell, is something completely different when put side to side. As soon as we get into this book, all of this “Big Brother” propaganda is shoved into our faces. It shows us their form of government, if we can call it that to begin with. Everybody lives in fear, doing what they are told to do. Already this violated our constitution, our freedom. Going more in depth is the thought police, a group of enforcement officers whose purpose was to make sure that nobody would get any thoughts that would go against big brother. The constitution states that we have a house of Representatives and a Senate, which are both nonexistent in the world of 1984. It states that power is …show more content…

People don't question this in 1984, at least not until when it comes to Winston. Seeming to be the only human being in this entire book who questions the way of life. When there are so many things to question such as machine gun nests, barbed wire and dangerous people wandering the streets, it is surprising that only one of the many sees that there is something wrong. We are promised the pursuit of happiness which these people don't get, they are told to do their job and they do it, never having said anything about a raise or a change in position. This by far limits the pursuit of happiness, nonetheless not being able to get an education by choice. One thing that is worth pointing out that they have which is pretty impressing is their currency. It would seem as if they wouldn't need currency in their world since nobody gets anywhere. Article two section one, shows the presence of the president, yet again something that is absent, unless Big Brother is considered the president. In our world all of these constitutional rights make us a more democratic and free country. I would not like to say without them, we would end up like the poor people of 1984, but we would definitely be leaning towards that. With the freedom of thought we are not criminally charged with just thinking certain things but only with taking action. Even though we are both a Republic and a Democracy, we are

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