How Did The Oceana Government Use Propaganda In 1984

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Written Task 2 In today’s society we see all types of different propaganda to sway our opinions one way or the other. We have television, magazines, radios, billboards, and so much more that can be used as propaganda. Propaganda today on the internet can be derogatory while back in 1984 they didn’t use curse words, but instead they tried to make their leader seem as though they were this great person even if they were not. In 1984 by George Orwell propaganda was used to favor the Big Brother. How would the Oceana government use their propaganda from 1984 to relate to people in 2017 and would their use of propaganda work on us today or would it be treated like a joke.
In 1984 propaganda is heavily used to persuade and put fear in the people of Oceana. In the book the party used propaganda such as posters with words like “Big …show more content…

The people in 1984 were ruled from fear from the moment they were born to the moment they died. They didn't know that they were being dictated because all their history books were rewritten and twisted around the party made sure to either kill off any one who thought differently or try and brainwash them into thinking so. People wanted to protect their families from the unknown and the only way they knew how was to put their trust in the party and Big Brother. People today aren’t ruled be that type of fear and need to protect their families from the unknown we know most of our enemies,and we know that our military will protect us. Our history hasn’t been rewritten we know when we are being used for power and not the good of our country. We were raised to believe in what we think is right not what other want us to believe. Our society and generation encourages people who think outside of the box and who are different. People today have so much communication with other countries, and we accept their differences for

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