Doublethink In George Orwell's 1984 And The Modern American Society

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In George Orwell’s novel 1984, the party who rules the society uses different methods to control their citizens and strengthen their own power. By comparing with the modern American society, we can see similarities. This essay will contrast the two societies within the subjects of doublethink, surveillance and the governing of the people. Doublethink is a method and an act that is being used by the party and the American government to make the citizens simultaneously accept two contradictory beliefs as correct at the same time. Surveillance is used as the eye over the population. In 1984 it is Big Brother who sees and hears every step you take, while in America it is the National Security Agency (NSA). By governing the people with lies and limitations, a government can do as it pleases. If the people do not know what is right and wrong, they can easily be fooled.

The first point is doublethink, in 1984 the party uses the idea of continuous war as an act of doublethink. It focuses the hatred and rage of the people away from Big Brother and towards the “enemy” as well as providing excuses for the second rate life of the citizens. Oceania is and has always been at war with Eurasia, but during Hate Week, the enemy changes to Eastasia. The party immediately disregards all of the evidence showing that Oceania has been at war with Eurasia. Doublethink causes the people to hold and then accept the false idea that they had always been at war with Eastasia, even though material

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