Examples Of Doublethink In 1984 By George Orwell

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Language is a powerful tool and skill that shapes an individual’s thoughts, beliefs, and actions. In George Orwell’s book, 1984, the concept of Newspeak is presented as a portrayal of language manipulation and how sinister it is. Though a fictional language, it is proposed to not only control thoughts and actions, but also to limit one’s ability to think. With the dangers of
Newspeak as a form of language manipulation and what it proposes for the modern world, by elaborating on the impact of Newspeak and its effect on an individual’s cognitive ability, society gains an understanding of the importance of free thought and critical thinking.
Newspeak serves as the manipulative tool in the Party’s mission to eliminate free individual thought by systematically doing …show more content…

This suppresses dissent within the state because if the Middle/Low is in forced to apply doublethink, then how are they supposed to truly know what is right from wrong? Newspeak decreases one’s ability to recognize and reject forcibly imposed norms while doublethink forces them to accept multiple truths; therefore, because they cannot think, they will never question the
Party’s motives and methods because their thinking is done for them. In the contemporary world, the relevance of Newspeak should resonate as a caution to be inquisitive of the sociopolitical norms forced upon us and to protect the truth of simultaneously, being mindful of others’ perspectives. In this age, the potential for language manipulation is quite notable and a pressing concern because of the threat to authenticity and reliability to human communication. With social media and digital platforms, information can become clouded, which leads to intellectual distortions and the manipulation of language. A significant aspect of language manipulation today is algorithm bias. Behind the scenes, there are intricate algorithms that file

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