Reflection On 1984 By George Orwell

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Our history or our past is what defines our existence in the present. It decides what measures we should take to safeguard our future. Through history we identify with who we are, where we come from and what defines us as a person. Take our history away from us and we are left alienated and confined to a world that is meaningless. George Orwell 's novel 1984 is a 20th century political novel, that depicts a dystopian society built on a totalitarian ideology. In the novel, the lives of the people of Oceania is controlled and confined to a world based on the rules set out by the totalitarian government under the rule of the Big Brother. The history and the past is changed and altered in such a way that people do not even realize …show more content…

He gives up and realizes that he cannot change anything or prove anything against the supreme power of the Big Brother. He pays his allegiance to the government. Winston had to go through a series of tortures out of which Room no. 101 was the symbol of pain. He is made to face his ultimate fear that is rats, which makes him betray Julia and he loses everything. What is shown here is how the people, who rebel, who try bringing change and or try to understand and remember the past are treated. they are made to feel pain, psychological and physical. They are broken down to the extent of giving up all their beliefs and are forced to believe in the Big Brother. In the end, he is released after his confession and acceptance of the laws of the state and he is at a cafe where he thinks of shis mother but he stops himself. He says to himself that may be this thought or memory was put in his mind by the Big Brother and that it could be framed. Here "Memory", that once was considered the ultimate instrument of the past and that could help him go against the Big Brother was now a symbol of doubt. he goes against his own memory. George Orwell, through his novel, "1984" warns the readers of a country or a state of such a society where totalitarianism takes up. The progressing technology and the production of influential intellectuals and thinkers are positive aspects of a society but when the use of such produces are made in a wrong way then the world can become a horrible place. The emphasis is brought on by Winston being shot in the end and Big Brother continuing to rule Oceania in the same way. Where truth does not

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