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  • Components Of Strategic Planning

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    The strategic planning process involves specific processes that includes an assessment of a department or an organization’s current condition, the future the organization desires to attain, strategic objectives and strategies to achieve specified goals, how to implement the strategic plan, and the process of monitoring the proposed strategy to ensure it is implemented successfully. In this paper, the topic for discussion will include important components of a strategic plan related to departmental

  • Strategic Planning In Strategic Management

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    According to (Atow-Zahir, 2012) strategic planning lays down the expectations of stakeholders such as government, customers, shareholders and employees and also examines the impact the environmental factors has on its expansion and growth strategies in a highly competitive environment. It sets the basis for performance measurement and the methodologies to be used when change is necessary in an effort to achieve the organization’s objectives and goals. This creates an organizational culture that encourages

  • Strategic Planning: The Importance Of Strategic Management And Planning

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    and the adoption of courses of action and the allocation of resources necessary for carrying out these goals ( Chandler, 1962 )." Strategic Management is described

  • Examples Of Strategic Planning

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    Planning can be described as the action of managers looking ahead to meet the business objectives. This an be through strategic planning, this being the long-term planning for the next 5 years, and tactical planning, the short term planning for next couple of weeks or months, as well as operational planning, the day to day operations of a business. An example from my organisation of planning is the rental of a new more central pet store location. Recently a new shopping complex was opened in a central

  • Strategic Planning Importance

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    Introduction Strategic management is a key element of every organization. It refers to the process of making strategic decisions, which set a long-term vision and direction for an organization. The major aim of strategic planning is throwing light on the unique strengths and potential weaknesses of an organization, thereby allowing it to identify new opportunities or threats that might hinder the performance of the organization. Therefore, the paper discusses the significance of strategic management

  • Strategic Capacity Planning: Strategic Anaciity Planning At General Motors

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    OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT TERM PAPER STRATEGIC CAPACITY PLANNING AT GENERAL MOTORS NAME: Abheek Tarafdar ROLL NO: 2014SMF6502 MBA 1ST YEAR CAPACITY The dictionary definition of capacity is “the ability to hold, receive, store, or accommodate”. In a general business sense, capacity refers to the amount of output that a system is capable of achieving over a specific period of time. The measure of capacity lets firms know of its potential in achieving the promised target

  • Ethics In Strategic Planning

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    in Strategic Planning Strategic planning incorporates an organization's mission, vision and provides clear direction/ objectives on how the organization will progress from its current situation to a desired future situation. It goes to the centre of what an organization does; why it does it, how it does it, and where the organization is going. It provides the organization with a structure for understanding its position in the business on both locally and internationally. Strategic planning provides

  • The Importance Of Strategic Planning

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    through an engagement of the relevant stakeholders in the process of strategic planning. Strategic planning has been a major area of interest for decades and has been extensively defined, studied and developed. Strategic planning can therefore be defined as a continuous process and attempt at formulating decisions of the goals to be achieved and the methods or steps to be employed in making it happen (Neal & Buck, 2012). Strategic planning is a broad concept that encompasses the identification

  • Traditional Planning Vs Strategic Planning

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    Introduction: An efficient strategic approach needs a smart plan to achieve a particular goal. A scintillating plan helps to deal with unpredicted circumstances and facilitates the decision-making process. It also develops an ability to manage the present and future activities in favourable and unfavourable situations whether it is a business or war. Over decays, much effort made to develop various strategic approaches one of which is rational planning. It is always a prominent method in the history

  • The Influence Of Strategic Planning

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    Strategic planning plays an important role for an organization. It is a discipline and process to guide decisions, actions and shape what and why the organization is and does. Strategic planning and long-term planning cover several years. However, strategic planning requires organizations to check what it is and its working environment (Christine, 2015). Strategic planning also assists the organization to focus its attention on those key issues and challenges. Therefore, it can help the organization's

  • Planning And The Importance Of Strategic Planning In The Future

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    is the planning to fail in the future. Following points show the importance of the strategic planning. • Strategic planning provides overall direction Strategic planning can give a general strategic way to the management of the firm and gives a particular path to areas like marketing strategy, financial strategy, human resource strategy and organizational development strategy, to make achievement of success. These different sorts of planning, some of which are mistaken for strategic planning are expected

  • Importance And Importance Of Strategic Planning

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    IMPORTANCE OF STRATEGIC PLANNING Strategic planning is a major asset and it plays a very important role in the strategic management . It is an overview or framework for a manager to make the activities of management in an organisation ( Mumtaz Began , Norasiken , Norhayati , 2002 ) . Planning also helps a manager to make judgments and decisions related to the future direction of the organisation. There is some interest in the organisation 's strategic planning that can be produced here include:

  • Nature And Importance Of Strategic Planning

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    Strategic planning Strategic planning provides the route map for the firm. It helps the firm to take decisions concerning the future with a greater awareness of their implications. It lends a framework which can ensure that decisions concerning the future are taken in systematic and purposeful. It provides to the company and it indicates how growth could be achieved. Strategic planning also serves as a hedge against uncertainty, a hedge against totally unexpected developments

  • The Importance Of Strategic Planning In Healthcare

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    Strategic planning is a process that can allows us to both study and conduct simulations of the future. The process can show hidden opportunities or threats and providing the way to apply on them early. It is a living, dynamic document. It drives your business and must be integrated into every fiber of your organization so every employee helps move the company in the same direction. Strategic planning gives a clear framework with criteria for us to make day-to-day decisions. It also helps to identify

  • Strategic Planning In Under Armour: Strategic Management

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    Planning is the basic management function that includes looking ahead and outlining the future courses of action. It is a preparatory step that decides when, how and who is going to carry out a specific job. Planning involves the preparation of one or more detailed plans to attain the optimum balance of needs or demands with the available resources in an organization. It is the best alternative among the management functions to achieve organization goals. Under Armour uses strategic planning and

  • Strategic Spatial Planning

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    there has been a paradigm shift from traditional, comprehensive land-use planning towards a more strategic and spatial approach to planning practices and policies regarding cities and their regions. This essay aims to outline the reasons for this shift and, to identify and discuss critically the key differences between those traditional understandings of land-use planning and more recent interpretations of strategic spatial planning within a European context. In order to do this, it is important to define

  • Strategic Planning In Kenya

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    CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background of the Study Planning is a process of identifying a purpose and then deciding on the methods and approaches, techniques, procedures and time frames, resources and all that must be undertaken in order to accomplish a purpose. The primal role of planning is to project targets looking and thinking forward in time. Plans contain practical guidelines, precise objectives, targets and a time table for attainment. Planning eliminates ambiguity because measurement of attainment

  • Strategic Planning And Strategic Management

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    Strategic management as a term and concept is not new. The term was first used in the 1970s, and it meant that a staff of strategic planners more or less thought up strategic programs and then tried to sell them to decision makers. In the 1990s, the view of strategic planning and strategic management is much different. Goodstein, Nolan, and Pfeiffer’s definition of strategic planning takes us away from the notion that strategic planning is a staff job and focuses us more on a process that requires

  • Importance Of Strategic Planning For A Business

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    Strategic Planning Essentials For Your Business Success By David Plaut Sep 9, 2012 Strategic planning is essential to the success of any business. You have to look at strategic planning from a global perspective. That means the big picture - not minute details, but, its direct ion and scope. You start by thinking about your ultimate monetary goals for the year, product development goals and workshop tele-seminar goals and more importantly , how you're going to reach those goals. Then use backward

  • Strategic Planning Strategy: Approach To Strategic Management

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    The strategic planning process involves setting visions and missions, goals and objectives; it defines policies and procedures and examines strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT). Lynch (2012) defines perspective strategic planning as a “formal planning system for the development and implementation of the strategies related to the mission and objectives of the organization”. Strategic planning consists of the careful analysis of the organisation’s external environment; the aim of