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Freedom is when you are able to do what you want, when you want, being worry and trouble free. In George Orwell 's book, 1984, some of the characters, like Winston, do not have freedom due to the fear instilled by the Thought Police. The Thought Police, which are affiliated with The Party, prevent the occurrence of Thoughtcrime, much like the law enforcement system system in the United States. The Party they choose for Winston a career that he might or might not be suited for. He is not even able to pursue a marriage partner that he wants to spend his life with, The Party chooses for him. Freedom is being able to speak, act, and think how one wants without feeling fear of harm or other repercussions happening. First of all, Though Police participate in many activities such as take away the freedom of the people. One of the activities that they took …show more content…

For example, The Party takes control of marriage. Marriage is supposed to be a life decision that is between two significant others instead of having a higher power arrange a marriage. The Party chooses who you will marry “All marriages between Party members had to be approved by the committee” ( Orwell 37 ). The Party arranging marriages is not even the worst part either, if there is any attraction to the other they refuse to let them be married, “ Permission was always refused if the couple concerned gave the impression of being physically attracted to one another” ( Orwell 37 ). How would you have freedom if you can’t even choose your life partner that you spend the rest of your life with? In the book of 1984 The people like winston and others that aren’t associated with the Party are stripped of their freedom. They have no rights from being almost enslaved by the Thought Police, they have little to no education rights, and they have absolutely no say in there marriage of who they want to marry. Freedom is a part of who you are supposed to be, if you don’t have freedom then you really aren’t your own

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