Freedom In 1984

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Freedoms allowed by the government are not always meant to be used. Freedoms are- in fact- sometimes used to make the people less free. In 1984, the government allows certain liberties specifically to keep the citizens dependent on them. The Proles- the lowest class- are allowed the most freedom from telescreens and the thought police, but it is because they are reliant on the government and ignorant about its truths. The members of the Party know the most about the government, and because of this are subjected to intense monitoring of their actions and even thoughts. In George Orwell’s 1984, the Party slogan “Freedom is Slavery” allows all classes minimal freedoms which ultimately keep them completely dependent on the government. Orwell does this to show that the people are slaves to the government no matter how much or how little they know.
Many citizens are oblivious to the fact that they are being brainwashed by the government. A prime example of this is the Proles. They are fed information through the Party, and accept whatever information that might be. Their whole-hearted belief in the government is the reason they are not exposed to the
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Freedom is Slavery is the only Party slogan where the positive word comes before the negative word. Opposite the other slogans, Freedom is Slavery works in both orders, although is easier to conceptualize in this state. War brings peace to Oceania, peace does not bring war. Strength is not ignorance, it comes from ignorance. It could be argued that the contrary is correct, the Proles are free because they are slaves mentally, not slaves because they are free. Although this version would not work for the Party members. The Party members are slaves because of their freedom of thought. The small privileges the citizens have are what is holding them back from being truly free. Freedom is a result of slavery, a cause of slavery, and is
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