Freedom In Fahrenheit 451

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One man whose name was Mahatma Gandhi has said, “Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes” In my opinion I believe freedom is one of the most important things in life but I think most people take freedom for granted and unknowingly let it slip away as a consequence. It is not that difficult to guess that we have had a time when we said, “I can just do it sometime later” so we leave it for later, or we leave it for a while getting lazy and not even giving it a try so we eventually give up. If you had the chance to be the best you could be, why don’t you take it? For example, with the news daily reporting about threat of terrorism today, it 's more relevant to make sacrifice for the greater goods. Airplane …show more content…

A usual fireman will try to put off fires but Montag is a fireman that starts a fire with his flamethrower and burns books and the houses where they are illegally kept. Firemen wore helmets that had the numeral numbers of 451 which represented the temperature that paper burns. Montag meets a young girl named Clarrisse and suddenly realizes the emptiness of his life when he was questioned about his happiness. Since then, Montag questions what he had been doing and what he had not and searches for an answer/reason why stuff was like the way it was. Guy Montag can be a brave character because he decides to put himself in a situation where he is the outlier in the society. As much as this sounds like Montag is a crazy character he was hoping to search for the answer to the consequences of being different. For example, Montag was brave by keeping the books he found which were books that he had to burn, and even would show them to his friends in order to spread the fact that books weren’t harmful. However, sometimes Montag is not aware of what he is doing. These actions may come from the causes of the society that had been restricting Montags actions before he made his change. Despite these facts about Montag he was courageous as a fact he had dedication when he decided to seek for what he was looking for. At the same time what he has been looking for was what the society has restricted and has told people to not make any connection with. This was the imaginary rule that the society decided to set saying that books were not allowed to be own or read. This is were censorship appears with Montags characteristic. Montag comes along living a life where he was restricted from working and putting effort due to the government preferring total control over the society so they give them everything they need but not too much in order

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