Montag's Conformity In Fahrenheit 451

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Would anyone conform to their societies wishes if they were in Montag’s place, or would they still be their own individual as Montag did throughout Fahrenheit 451? Montag was told, on multiple occasion, to conform to the society and that it would be easier; however he denies society and forms his own individual personality due to the influences of his friends. Although Montag’s society told him to be indifferent and conform to what the society wanted, many other societies would have told him to be unique, not the doll that his society and government had made and told him to be. Montag was told to be what society wanted him to do; however, he lived by being an individual against the grain of society in the book. Montag had been told to conform to society and the government and even by his boss, yet he still rebelled against everything that had to do with conformity. It could be taken into account that he was trying to protect the government from everyone being different and conforming; however, in part 3, Burning Bright, Montag denied Captian Beatty the satisfaction of conformity: “‘Hand it over, Guy,’ said Beatty with a fixed smile. And then he was a shrieking …show more content…

Anyone could say that if Montag had conformed he would have stayed on the side of “good;” however, there is no true “good” side there is uniqueness and being individuality which is considered to be “good” to most people in the society in which people live. Conformity and individuality in this book were hard to see due to the fact that Montag’s society wanted everything to be perfect in a world that was not. One should always be themselves even if society tells them to be something different. Be a unique individual not something, or someone, someone else wants you to

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