1984 Journal Reflection

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Lejla Hodzic Mrs.Monroe English III(H): Period 3 Journal Reflection-MP1 When first writing in my journal I struggled with how deep to go with my discussion questions and what I should be asking my classmates. I feel that I have struggled with this because I lack confidence on what I am trying to prove or say in my writing. When reading in the past I have never pushed myself to question the author’s purpose or ask questions that invoke much thought. Up to this point in the year writing in my journal as well as annotating in the text, has helped my reading and writing immensely. My journal this year mostly contains quotes from texts and points from in class discussions that I felt were useful to understanding the novel and its purpose. I do not journal as much as …show more content…

When annotating and writing in a dialectical journal I have noticed that within weeks my opinions were not as weak as to when I had first started. But, you will see here that I tend to only scratch the surface of a discussion but have yet to invoke much thought. “In 1984 during Winston 's interrogation I stated in my journal that Winston’s last shred of hope to stay alive was keeping his last emotion the party had yet to take away from him, love. Winston’s love for Julia throughout the novel was the only thing the party has yet to cure him of during the interrogation.” I feel that this point in my journal brought out some opinions in my groups (in class discussion) on what emotions Winston generally had left. Some classmates felt that his last shred of hope to keep him alive was his hatred for the party while others agreed that his love for Julia would help him from conforming back to the ideals of the party. When discussing what another classmates have found in class it has helped me to understand other points I might have overlooked in the novels we have read. I have improved from these activities by writing down other points and

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