Outline For 1984

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2. One of the biggest warnings in 1984 is to lose the ability to think for yourself and doing what you want. The party actual manipulates the whole culture to their liking. Throughout the story, the party basically controls all of the members of the society. Their ability to think for themselves is suppressed. They even have tele-screens in every home and store to watch peoples every move. First of all it removes all the privacy of many people and removes their freedom to speak freely. They even have laws that may kill you if you speak, look, or even think of the party poorly. It is a warning that the government may manipulate the whole society in the future.

3. Winston is initially drawn to O 'Brien because he is a sophisticated member of
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During the story of 1984 Winston reveals himself as a heroic figure. His willingness to fight against the untouchable party forces him to risk his own life in many ways. Even Winston thinking poorly of the party was a very punishable crime. Even when he is being punished for his crimes he keeps proving himself a hero as he wonders and pushes to discover why the society is being run the way it is. He is also very stubborn to the thoughts of the party. He is frequently asked what 2+2 is equal to. Through the parties eyes they can not be wrong and whenever Winston fights back and says 4 instead of 5, he is punished more and more. He frequently rejects the parties propaganda to make him conform to society but he reluctantly proves his individuality throughout the…show more content…
Syme- Syme is extremely smart just like Winston, but his intelligence seems like it could get him into trouble. Syme talks like he is a free man while his free expression could very well get him vaporized. Winston on the other hand is wise to keep his thoughts to himself to lower the definite risk of being vaporized.

O 'Brien- Winston views O 'Brien as a very wise man. He suspects that O 'Brien may be his lead into the brotherhood to join the rebel group. Winston had decided to trust O 'Brien even though he was a party member. His trust in O 'Brien was in that chance that Winston may find the brotherhood. O 'Brien and Winston are both very smart but they both use their intelligence in different ways. O 'Brien is also an inner party member that was smart enough to set a trap on Winston, to finally end his life as he knew it.

There thoughts of Winston- I think that Parsons and Syme believe that Winston is just like everyone else in the story. Follows rules and accepts what the party says and does. On the other hand I believe that O 'Brien knew that Winston was an enemy of the party and that is why he set up the trap for
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