1984 'By Tim O' Brien: Chapter Analysis

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In chapter three, section one, Winston found himself in what he believed to be the Ministry of Love, starving. He was forbidden to move or he would get yelled at by the telescreen that was monitoring him. A old, Prole woman shares his last name and questions if there is a possibility that it could be his mother. Ampleforth, a poet was placed into a cell for writing the word “God” in a passage. Winston’s neighbor, Parson was turned in for thoughtcrime by his own children. O’Brien tells Winston that he is an operative of the Ministry of Love. In chapter two, Winston’s crime was the refusal of letting the Party have control of his memory and past. O’Brien tortures him until, he agrees to accept that O’Brien is holding up five fingers, even though its four. …show more content…

O’Brien tells Winston he will never know if the Brotherhood exists. Chapter 3, there are three stages to reintegration. Learning, understanding, & acceptance. O’Brien collaborated in writing Goldstein’s book. O’Brien says the party cannot be overthrown, its forever. Winston looks in the mirror and notices he looks powerless and gray, as he knew this time would come as soon as he began the diary logs. In chapter four, Winston was placed in a less distressing room. He grows

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