How Does George Orwell Use Torture In 1984

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In the 1984 novel, George Orwell shows how accurate the CIA torture reports uses similar torture techniques in the novel to our society today. In the novel George Orwell shows how effectively the tortures are from the novel has a big critique to our society. The 1984 novel might give predictions on how the CIA could be about. The novel is fiction but leaves us curiously and prediction about our society.

In the 1984 novel , Winston Smith is not like the rest of the people in his society. He hates Big brother . In book 3 of the novel Winston is put into the Ministry of love, Where there are four big telescreens monitoring his every move. Winston shares a cell with a few people including his neighbor Mr. Parson who was turned in for a thought crime. While winston shares a cell with a few people some of them get dragged to a horrifying room, room 101. This is similar to our CIA society today, For torture to happened it can not happen on U.S soil. It must happen some place else. …show more content…

Five or six men in black uniforms. Some of the torture techniques that the CIA use are Frozen to death, Rectal feeding, insects , Sleep deprivation, Threats to families , Prolonged standing and many more. In the 1984 novel book 3 . They starved winston , Beat him. Winston went through the interrogation of torture for weeks just for answering a question which seem to be wrong to O’brien. The CIA torture reports , they are real. They torture you to get either information out of you or to forget what you discovered. Just like in the novel 1984. They use double think to mess with your thinking and make you think something

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