Believe Me It's Torture Analysis

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There are many interpretations of what torture is and how something can be classified as torture. In “Believe Me It’s Torture” Christopher Hitchens talks about the United States and its various uses of interrogation tactics to get Important information from suspected terrorists. In the article the author often brings up the waterboarding tactic that is often used and how there is a large controversy over whether it is in fact torture or if it is just simply harmless. The article states, “waterboarding was something that Americans did to other Americans, it was inflicted upon and endured by the Special Forces in a form of training called S.E.R.E (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape) so that they could build up a resistance to it so that they …show more content…

Throughout this article the author touches on the “enhanced interrogation” form called waterboarding. Waterboarding is when a victim is placed on a board that is slightly raised higher at the victim’s feet than it is at the victims head and involves towels being placed on a victim’s face and large amounts of water to be poured on the face of a victim in order to make breathing extremely difficult. The author states in the article, “You may have heard by now the official lie about this treatment which is that it “simulates” drowning, this is not the case you feel like you are drowning because you are actually drowning.” (Hitchens 9) This excerpt from the article stands to illustrate to the reader just how barbaric waterboarding is being as though it involves drowning someone in order to get information for personal gratification. Most of the time when someone is tortured it is because the interrogators are desperate for Important or valuable information. However, why would real “terrorist” give up valuable information that would expose their cause and what they believe in when they know they are going to die one way or the other. This just goes to show that the “suspected terrorist” are in fact suspected and aren’t real terrorist and shouldn’t be

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