What's With These Guys Analysis

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Superheroes of today and mythological characters inspire us to be “our better selves.” because, of the there heroism and courageous acts. For example, they inspire us to save lives and help other people. The texts says from “into the Maze of Doom” ““You can’t change my mind it is my duty to save our people”(pg14) Also, ““.......I will slay the beast so the no other must die……..Let me do this, father. For Athens”(pg15) This piece of text evidence shows that scine Theseus is helping people and saving lives and doing it for his city and the people living in it, that inspires us and makes us want to do the same thing and help people around us and possibly save lives as well. In the essay “What’s With These Guys?” by Kristen Lewis the text states ““They risk their own lives to protect the innocent and …show more content…

The texts says from “into the Maze of Doom” My father’s hatred of Athens was something I never questioned. But now I am old enough to see that the answer to killing cannot be more killing”(pg15) Also the text states, “Take this thread. Tie one end to the entrance. Unwind it as you walk, so you will be able to find your way back.”(pg15) and, “Ariadne hands theseus her soward.”All this text evidence shows that since The Us is doing the right thing for his people and his city it inspired King Minos 's daughter to do the right thing and help him defeat the minotaur. This also inspires us the do the same thing and to do the right thing. In the text “What’s With These Guys?” the text says “Superheroes fight for what for good, for freedom,for what is right” also, the text states “...qualities we value in our society:selfless, courage,grit , resilience.”(pg18) this inpires us because when superheroes fight for what is right we want o do the same thing in our lives and be a superhero. that is how superheroes and mythological characters inspire us to be better

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