Angie Richey: A True Hero

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Heroes can be anyone. Heroes can be a famous movie star or your next door neighbor. Heroes are anybody that puts others before themselves. They believe in helping others and making the world a better place. They are humble, compassionate, and loving. They inspire people around them and make others better people. The person who I think fits this description is Angie Richey.

One reason that Mrs. Richey is a superhero in our midst is because she is a mother to all. Her powers of caring and compassion can touch any student that walks down the halls. If you ever have a problem in school..... "Have no fear Mrs. Richey is here!"Just shine her logo in the sky and she will be there in a second. Bullies, students, and parents will shroud in fear when this mighty hero comes to town. Angie might look like a sweet and short little lady, but if you mess with her ducklings. The claws will come out! Angie cares about her students and believes that all students should be treated right.
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If you ever need advice, have a problem, or just need to rant go to her. Going through a school matter or personal matter, Angie can always be a safe person to talk to. Not only is Angie in tune with today's youth, but she also has wisdom from loads of life experiences. This makes Angie a good person to seek advice for. Even if your situation is the world most complicated puzzle, Angie's powerful stubbornness and determination powers will soon make it wilt. Angie's biggest believes are fairness and honesty, and will try her hardest to make the situation
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