Heroism And David From 'The Dangerous Days Of Daniel X'

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A hero could be anyone. Heroes don’t have to shoot lasers or be able to fly. A hero could be someone who simply shows a great act or certain character trait like bravery or courage. Heroes go through a journey containing a call to adventure, a departure and a return to their homeland. A good example of heroism and heroic acts is David from the Chrysalids and Daniel from The Dangerous Days of Daniel X. David and Daniel experienced sacrifice, hardships and bravery through their journeys of becoming a hero.

Sacrifice is a big part in a hero’s journey. Almost every hero has to make a sacrifice in his or her life. Sacrifice is giving something up or giving yourself up. Daniel’s sacrifice happened right at the start of the story when his parents died. His parents were alien hunters but when they died Daniel had the choice to accept the role of being the alien hunter. Daniel accepted the role right away. This caused him to sacrifice his normal life for the greater good of …show more content…

It is important to have bravery as a hero because it helps you conquer any fears you have. Daniel showed a lot of bravery and courage fighting aliens. He also showed bravery and courage when accepting the mission of becoming an alien hunter. David showed bravery when going against what the government said which was that differences are bad and someone with a difference is not human. It is brave for David to go against the government because they are in charge of anything and David goes against them they could do very evil things to him. He went against the government because he knew it was discrimination to not like someone just because they are different. “But Sophie isn't really different — not in any other way,' I told him.”(Wyndham 54). David is saying that just because someone has an extra toe there a not human. Which shows that he is standing up for others, which is also bravery. Overall bravery is a very important trait to have as a

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