Summary Of Deepwater Mountain By Rebecca Camhi

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Deepwater Mountain is a West Virginia novel written by Rebecca Cale Camhi. This book was published in 2001 and contains the many adventures and life trials of Willa May Kincaid. The book takes place at Deepwater Mountain located in Fayette County, West Virginia. Deepwater Mountain is a close residence to the Kanawha River also located in West Virginia. This area plays a very important role in the story's plot and theme.
Willa May Kincaid often referenced as "Willa May," is the main character of the book. In Deepwater Mountain, she plays many important roles. She is perceived as a loving daughter, wife of an army soldier, and a caring mother. Throughout the book, many challenges are faced by Willa May and her husband Daniel. Daniel is another character in the book that plays a big part. …show more content…

Daniel was a junior ranger who was drafted due to his age. Once returning from his two year duty in the Civil War, the couple faces many threats from co-rangers of Daniel's. Once moved into their cozy cabin on the top of Deepwater Mountain, Daniel and Willa May have their first child. Excitement and a house full of love sits on the mountain tops. Many months later Willa May is expecting of another baby. Admiring their newly made lives Daniel and Willa May believed that things couldn't get any better. That's just when they get bad. As Daniel is escorted to training for a newly witnessed war, Willa May is left alone with the company of her baby daughter, baby to be, and by the rangers seeking revenge. Will Willa May be able to live in Deepwater Mountain by

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