Schizoaffective Disorder Case Study

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Schizoaffective disorder: Daniel Daniel is a 17-year-old Spanish decent male who was rushed to the hospital with Auditory hallucinations, Euphoria and Paranoid contemplations and thoughts. Daniel has no history of alcohol or substance misuse, or any medical history but his mother expressed he has become socially withdrawn which began around the age of 13, this happened after the passing of his dad who was 40 years more established than his mom. During that time he became very withdrawn toward family and friends as well as not getting enough sleep, and his concentration is affected, has episodes of manic mood or an unexpected increase in energy and behavioral displays that are out of his character. His mother stated this behavior has been going on for about two weeks and getting worse by the day. Now a senior in high school he has lost interest in school and his grades are declining he also is losing interest in the new job he just received at Mcdonalds as a part time cook. According to his mother he spends most of his time in his room by himself playing games on the computer or watching T.V. Daniel additionally, states on occasion he hears his deceased father voice conversing with him. Daniel is paranoid that people at school, work, and the stranger on the street is talking …show more content…

is an illness in which schizophrenic and manic symptoms are both prominent in the same occurrence of the disease. The irregularity of mood typically takes the form of euphoria, accompanied by grandiose ideas and joined by increased self-esteem, but sometimes irritability or excitement are more apparent and joined by aggressive or forceful behavior and persecutory thoughts. In both cases, there is impaired concentration, overactivity, increased energy and a loss of normal social self-consciousness. Delusions of reference, persecution or grandeur, may be existing (Perry, Alexander, Liskow, & DeVane,

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