All Gold Canyon By Jack London Summary

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Most people envision a perfect place as a place peaceful and secluded. However, this place may not always seem perfect. A canyon that is a perfect, untouched place is the setting for the short story All Gold Canyon by Jack London. This story has a human vs. nature conflict in it that is the basis for the whole story. To truly understand this story one must know that symbolism of nature, the conflicts, and why Jack London probably wrote this story.
The story begins in a canyon. This canyon is secluded from the world. It appears that this canyon still had yet to be discovered. This canyon could mean the world before sin entered. In this canyon is a pool which is described as a stream that stops to form it. This pool represents the flow of life. Sometimes stopping and looking at the beauty is not a bad thing. There is also a spirit which represents the peace that is in nature. This is evident because there does not seem to be any conflict in …show more content…

He wrote this story during the Klondike gold rush. This is why this story has the setting and the plot line it has. In this time thieves were a problem for miners. London probably focused more on the human vs. nature due to the fact that this shows the resolve of the miner over the land and not over the thief. This is a more difficult battle due to the fact that it takes more resolve and determination to overcome nature. However, the conflict of human vs. human was also difficult due to the fact that the thief had a gun. What drove the miner was passion to defend his gold that he earned by overcoming the challenges that nature presented to him. What is really surprising is that after he was shot twice and he left the canyon happy and joyful. This shows that over his own pain, the joy of finding gold took his mind to his happy place. This shows that he is willing to put his life on the line for his

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