The Struggle In Blue John Canyon By Aron Ralston

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Being a survivor is a huge accomplishment that doesn 't come easy. There are many hardships that come along with the title survivor. A survivor is a person who survives, especially a person remaining alive after an event in which other have died or a person who copes well with difficulties in their life. Three important traits to be a survivor are stamina, logic, and bravery. {Olivia} First of all, in the story Trapped the main character, Aron Ralston uses stamina during his hike in Blue John Canyon when a boulder crushes his arm. For example, on page three it states, "I contemplate amputating my arm, I lay all my tools around me and think about their use in surgery."Following this quote, Aron thought of all if his options before choosing the most beneficial one. If he would of picked his first thought he could later regret not picking a better option. In addition, on page five the story quotes, "There is nothing that gives even a slight hint that this awful stillness will break. I can make it break. I can resume smashing the chockstone with the rock." This quote is showing that even though his chances are slim he is still attempting to make the best out of his situation by keep working at getting …show more content…

{Olivia} Ultimately, each story had a different main character with a specific trait that enables them to survive. In the story Trapped, Aron Ralston uses stamina to be a survivor. That is different in the story The Most Dangerous Game where Rainsford uses his logic to be a survivor. Hyeonseo Lee uses her quality of bring brave to survive her hardships. Throughout your life there are going to be struggles and these three traits could potentially impact you to earn the title of being a survivor.

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