Terry Fox Character Traits

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Have you ever thought of running hundreds of miles? Well, Terry did. Terry Fox was a young Canadian here that suffered cancer at the age of 18. After his leg got amputated, he cared for all the children that suffered cancer too. So, he decided, to run across Canada, to raise money for cancer research. In this text you will learn the five major characteristics I observed in this brave inspiring young man.

Terry Fox was very courageous. Even though hundreds of people didn 't believe Terry could make it, he still kept up the effort. No one would ever think of running across a country as big as Canada. Everyone thought he was insane since he wanted to run across Canada! A lot of times Terry felt pain from cancer come back, but he still kept running. …show more content…

He was on the media for more than once, he took everyone 's attention. He was very famous. If he was still alive he would have been a millionaire! But he wouldn 't care about this stuff. All he cared about was raising money for cancer research. He was running from his heart although in his early life he hated running. In addition, Terry cared and risked his life for people he didn 't even know or meet. He thought of all the children that suffered from cancer at such young age and decided to run and risk his life for them.

Aside from Terry being courageous and selfless, he was also a hopeful young man. Terry obviously knew he couldn 't finish the Marathon of Hope, but he still kept up the effort and never gave up. He is a very good example of the phrase "never give up" All the time he would be optimistic, when he felt tired he kept up his positive attitude no matter what happened

However, Terry had empathy. He had empathy for all the children that suffered cancer at really young age. He put himself in someone else 's shoes. He felt for the children 's parents, siblings and family. So, he decided to end this problem by fund-raising money by running hundreds of miles. When Terry got better from cancer he still wanted to run since he knew other children are still

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