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  • Psychosocial Oncology Essay

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    Psychosocial Advances in Oncology Research and Practice In the 1800’s, a cancer diagnosis was viewed as the equivalent of death (Holland, 2002). In this day and age, there was no known cause or cure, and it was considered inhumane to reveal the diagnosis to the patient. In a constantly changing and advancing society, this ideology was transformed as the result of an accumulation of technological advances, education, and research initiative. This led to the acceptance of the notion of cancer worldwide

  • Role Of Autonomy In Oncology Nursing

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    Nurses Level of Leadership and Autonomy United States Within the United States, the oncology nurses play a vital role in leadership being at the forefront of care, as well as having a wide range of autonomy. However, ultimately, the providers make the orders that the nurses have to follow. A 2013 article, Nursing Practice Environment and Outcomes for Oncology Nursing elaborate on autonomy within the oncology nursing field. A notable finding of the study was the more autonomy the nurses felt they

  • Oncology Nursing Literature Review

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    Managing Stress and Burnout in Oncology Nurses. Authors:Rounds, James B., Jr.; Zevon, Michael A. High levels of stress experienced by primary care oncology nursing staff, and the competency impairment which results from such stress, has become a matter of much concern in health care settings. This study was conducted to identify the coping strategies employed by oncology nurses, and to relate these strategies to differential indices of stress and burnout. Oncology nurses (N=133) at a comprehensive

  • Pediatric Oncology Essay Examples

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    Nursing allows for countless opportunities and areas to specialize in. Theresa Brown, a real-life Oncology/Hematology Nurse, writes the riveting novel “The Shift” through her eyes as she attempts to care for four high-maintenance and very ill patients. When I researched Oncology as a career path I focused primarily on Pediatric Oncology. Although this book relates more to my past aspirations of Pediatric Oncology, many similarities align with my current aspirations of working in the Neonatal Intensive Care

  • HCG Business Model

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    . How would you assess the business model of HCG? Compare HCG’s cancer care model with other international cancer-care models using case information and your secondary research. Where do you think lies HCG’s strength and weaknesses relative to these international cancer care models? Highlight the differences and similarities between the HCG business model and that of Aravind, Narayana Hrudalaya, Fortis & Apollo? Structure your response in no more than 2000 words using no more than 2-3 exhibits. HCG

  • Fox Chase Cancer Center Case Analysis Paper

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    As the facility begins to expand the services lines provided within the organization they could also recruit top physicians and other clinicians who specialize in oncology and other services. The organization could potentially expand the hospital so that it can provide more beds and private rooms for patients who come to the facility to receive their oncologic care. The hospital can continue to participate in and advance

  • Statement Of Intent To Be A Nurse Practitioner

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    treatment that requires constant monitoring and attention, and this information spurred me to shift my focus from palliative to survivorship care. The knowledge that I have attained now and my background in patient navigation will help me as a future oncology nurse practitioner, to manage the complex needs of cancer survivorship. I will be able to support my patient’s transition into their new way of life as effective transition management can translate into less hospitalization, lower health care cost

  • Acupuncture Research Paper

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    Often patients treated with radiation therapy (RT) suffer from side effects such as fatigue, nausea/vomiting or reduction of quality of life (QOLQoL). Few randomized data is available to define the role of acupuncture in the context of radiation oncology as a supporting treatment. The ROSETTA (RandOmized Study Exploring the combination of radioTherapy with Two types of Acupuncture treatment) is a prospective randomized phase II trial. Ittrial examines if traditional (verum-) acupuncture can reduce

  • Radiotherapy Research Paper

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    SWALLOWING DISORDERS AFTER HEAD-AND-NECK CANCERS RADIOTHERAPY Summary Introduction: This study aimed to assess the swallowing function of head and neck cancer patients before and after radiotherapy. Materials and methods: A repeated descriptive cross-sectional study was carried out on 33 head and neck cancers patients treated at Aristide LeDantec Hospital Radiation Therapy Department. The dysphagia was assessed through a self-questionnaire (DHI) and a functional swallowing test (COLP - G -FR)

  • The Emperor Of All Maladies Summary

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    nodes in the armpit, and chest wall muscles, it was considered a deforming surgery. In the early 20th century doctors only knew how to get rid of localized cancer with surgery, if the cancer spread there was no hope. Dr. William Halsted took surgical oncology to the next level by trying to prevent the spreading of cancer by performing an extensive surgery. The radical mastectomy got more and more radical because doctors were racing to see how much of the body they could remove without killing the patient

  • Integrative Literature Review Essay

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    Review: Malignant Fungated Wound Odour Management among Patients with Cancer Submitted to: Dr. Nijmeh AL-Atiyyat Submitted by: Faten Odeh 1470684 The Hashemite University Faculty of Nursing Advance Oncology Nursing ( 1 ) Integrative Literature Review: Malignant Fungated Wound Odour Management among Patients with Cancer Introduction Malignant fungating wounds (MFW) defined as a wound that arise when cancerous cells invade the skin and metastasis

  • Jane C Wright Research Paper

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    biologist and physiologist Jewel Plummer Cobb, another noted African American woman scientist. Along with her research and clinical work, Wright was professionally active. In 1964, she was one of the seven founders of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, and in 1971, she was the first woman elected president of the New York Cancer Society. She also was appointed associated dean and head of the Cancer Chemotherapy Department at New York Medical College in 1967, apparently, the highest ranked African

  • Artificial Mucositis Research Paper

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    Oral mucositis is the main complicate of head and neck chemotherapy. The current study was conducted to evaluation of Hypozalix artificial saliva and propolis mouthwash efficiency for the prevention of Chemotherapy induced-oral mucositis in Leukemia patients .This was a randomized controlled clinical trial conducted on 72 Chemotherapy induced-oral mucositis in Leukemia patients. The patients were divided into 3 equal treatment groups: Hypozalix artificial salivary, Propolis Mouthwash, and control

  • Touch In Nursing Essay

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    Leonard, K. E., & Kalman, M. A. (2015). The Meaning of Touch to Patients Undergoing Chemotherapy. Oncology Nursing Forum, 42(5), 517-526. doi:10.1188/15.ONF.517-526 In this article, Leonard and Kalman evaluate the importance of touch in a healthcare setting for patients diagnosed with cancer and undergoing chemotherapy. Touch is a natural impulse as a means to communicate caring and reassurance (Leonard and Kalman, 2015). This is particularly true in nursing a field in which touch is a foundation

  • Pediatric Oncology Nurse Research Paper

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    the patient is going through in order to service them in a good way. That class allowed me to learn about the human behavior and how people react to different situations. This will be particularly helpful because of my dream to become a pediatric oncology nurse, that way I can serve as a

  • Analysis Of The Fault In Our Stars

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    In the film, The Fault in Our Stars, we are introduced to Hazel Grace Lancaster, a teenage girl diagnosed with stage IV cancer. She shares her backstory and discusses her cancer diagnosis. Hazel states that it started out as thyroid cancer, but it moved onto her lungs. She explained, “there wasn’t much they could do, but they tried anyway” (Boone, 2014). In the beginning of the film, Hazel and her mother are attending a doctor’s appointment where they are seen meeting with Dr. Maria. At this meeting

  • Varian Medical Systems: A Case Study

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    Varian Medical Systems mission is to be the leader in the field of radiation oncology with a continued commitment to the development of innovative state of the art treatment modalities that will enhance the way cancer is treated. Varian Medical Systems is dedicated to making advancement in the fight against cancer along with improving patient care through technological advancement that improves accuracy of treatment, while incorporating patient comfort delivered over a shorter course of treatment

  • Cellular Metabolism Case Study

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    AGIOS – THE OTHER SIDE OF THE POSSIBLE Company Overview: Agios is a biopharmaceutical company headquartered in Cambridge, MA, United States of America. It is a coming together of dedicated professionals who are passionately committed to application of their scientific capabilities and leadership in the field of cellular metabolism to confront the problems posed by the cancer. The company’s motto is to help in transforming the lives of cancer patients and patients with rare genetic metabolic disorders

  • Oncology Patient Interview Paper

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    My clinical practice setting is in various acute care settings at a large teaching hospital in Toronto, where I am part of a nursing resource team. Most of my clinical experience is with oncology patient populations. This week, I was able to interview a family that I have cared for a couple of days as we have created a family-nurse therapeutic relationship, during that time I felt that they would be willing to proceed with the discussion of their illness experience. The patient was a sixty-five year

  • Essay On Childhood Cancer Decision Making

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    effects, and overall prognosis. Furthermore, healthcare professionals and related ethical issues can affect also decision making in childhood cancer. Accordingly, this paper aims to discuss number of key themes related to decision making in pediatric oncology; physician’s role in decision making in childhood cancer; parents’ participation in treatment decisions and the factors that might affect their decisions; parent’s view of participation of child in clinical trials. Following this, I will look at