Pediatric Oncology Nurse Research Paper

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A lifetime goal is one that people work hard for and it is what keeps them motivated to succeed in life. For me that motivation is to become a nurse, it is my main objective and what I look forward to. I decided on this career at the end of my sophomore year in high school. Therefore, I knew that for the last two years I needed to take courses that would help me reach my dream. First, I enrolled in a AP Psychology class because I know that a nurse has to comprehend what the patient is going through in order to service them in a good way. That class allowed me to learn about the human behavior and how people react to different situations. This will be particularly helpful because of my dream to become a pediatric oncology nurse, that way I can serve as a …show more content…

That is why talking all five levels of Spanish was very important to me. I want to be able to freely communicate with my patients and thanks to that class it will be much easier to interact with those native to that language. However, I do plan to keep learning more languages so that I can assist as many people as possible and so that the patients will feel comfortable. For my senior year in high school, I joined the P.A.L.S program, which is Peer, Assisting, and Leadership. It is a program where high school students mentor young kids and teach them leadership skills and help them become a successful student. This was perfect for me because I love kids, but it also taught me many things and I have learned much from the kids as well. When I got paired with my young pals and started to interact with them, I knew that I wanted to be around kids and help them in any way possible and that will be a major part of my career. By choosing these academic courses I feel like I am one step closer to where I want to be in the future. These classes have taught me a lot and they will be very beneficial in my journey to becoming a nurse. I have great passion for helping people and that is

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