The Importance Of Volunteering In The NHS

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The school I have attended is a college prep school, and seems did a good job in preparing me for college. This school has taught me time management, responsibility, and to be respectful to everyone. These three things have prepared me to being a successful member of the community. I’ve learned time management by, taking honors classes throughout high school. These classes are more rigorous than the regulars classes offered at my school. The classes have made me focus a lot on my studies and how to ration out my time properly to do well in the class. Thus, making me better at time management and also improved my study skills. Last year i was inducted into NHS, which has made me a lot more responsible. I’ve had to volunteer in the community which is actually great to experience. …show more content…

It was a very emotional event, but it was really cool to see the community come together to help others. It seems that doesn’t happen too much lately. To get the hours needed for volunteering, you have to know all the details about the event and get in contact with whom ever needs help. This has made me more responsible as a person, because I use to not like to contact people directly. However, now this is no issue and I feel confident with conversing with others. Lastly, I have learnt a lot about respect. I have always been respectful to others and would never be rude to anyone. There’s no point in being rude to someone that will get you nowhere. If you have a respectful attitude towards people and help others, than more than likely they will be respectful towards you as well and help you when you need it. Overall, I feel I would be a very successful member of your community and would love to join the pirate family, thank you for your

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