Personal Narrative: My Greatest Accomplishments

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A sense of accomplishment is invaluable to a person. Not only does a sense of accomplishment build confidence and faith in oneself, but it also allows one to reflect on how wonderful the journey to the accomplishment was, and how every little struggle and triumph was worth it. In the middle of summer, where time seems endless and the stress of the previous school year has been shed by students, I never expected to find out that I scored a five on both of the advanced placement exams I took. Nor did I have one-hundred percent confidence the goals we set as section leaders of the marching band would actually be met. Yet to my surprise, I had the good fortune of accomplishing challenging things in both aspects of my life. Both accomplishments, especially my scores on the Advanced Placement exams, gave me a sense of self-confidence and faith in my ability to accomplish my goals that I had …show more content…

There was no doubt in my mind that I tried my hardest in the classes; I just did not have as much faith in myself when it came to the test day. In AP U.S. History, I did my homework religiously every weekend on Sunday afternoons by delving into each chapter as much as possible and enjoying what I was reading. For AP Language and Composition by creating a word wall in my room in order to improve my vocabulary. All the weekends spent doing homework and more for these classes paid off in a way I never would have imagined. I finally was able to believe my hard work towards achieving a goal could actually be rewarded. Not only was I proud of what I learned in those classes, but I was recognized and rewarded for it as well. My goal could be achieved; my hard work could be rewarded. This realization gave me more confidence in my academics. I now feel driven by the fact what I set my mind to can be achieved when I give it my best effort, and believe in ability more

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