Personal Narrative: Growing Up With My Alcoholic Father

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An experience that has really molded me into the person I am today was growing up with my alcoholic father. My dad was a crazy teenager. He was the typical naughty boy who got himself into many stupid situations. My grandparents, the parents of my dad came from Holland in the 30’s to get away from the war. My Opa (grandpa) made a great living for them here in Southern California. They were upper middle class and they were the fun parents, that had let my dad get away with everything. My dad started drinking and doing drugs at the age of 14 and it only got worse from there. He met my mom at a Hennessy’s bar, when they were in their late 20’s, and although my mom knew about my dad’s problem, she thought she could cure him and decided to marry him. Fast forward a couple years later after my parents’ divorce I remember going to my dad’s drug deals with him at the age of 3 or 4. I’m sure my dad thought I’d never remember that, but I do. He’s admitted to taking me to …show more content…

At the age of 21, I know that I want to be a social worker because I am so compassionate about people. I just want to help in any way that I can. I don’t want young girls like myself to have to see what I saw and I want to help show people that we aren’t the cause, nor can we cure or control it. I am so incredibly thankful for the life I was given, because I feel that it turned me into a great person. My dad taught me so much in life, more than he will ever know and I think that is the purpose of a parent, to teach you valuable life lessons. From this class I learned that social work is the route I want to take in life. I loved the lesson we learned on how to not take the day home and to leave it in a tree and pick it up on the way back to work. I definitely will be using that one. This class has made me feel useful and I feel that because of it, I will be able to help others in the near

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