Becoming A School Psychologist Essay

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From the outside, many students live consists of all happy moments. Some people hide their stories deep down within themselves to bury the problems they want to hide. In my senior year of high school, I remember seeing this one sophomore girl that was super cute, energetic and playful at my senior barbeque. Her smile was filled with love, but I could see that her eyes told a different story. A few weeks later, I found out that she was in my associate student body (ASB) class and was placed in the same group as me. Together we planned school dances and rallies for the rest of the year. Little by little, I got to know her more and she saw me as her older sister. The girl that I saw at my senior barbeque was filled with shattered memories of her childhood and I learned that she did not have a good fundamental support at home. I have always noticed that she had scars on her wrists that looked like they were from deep cuts, but I noticed she always wanted to hide them. One day, I noticed that the cut on her wrist looked really recent so I…show more content…
I want to improve the lives of children with issues and help them find a person they can trust. The situation is not what really sparked the interest I have, it is the feelings I felt when seeing the cuts on my friend’s wrist. I do not want any child to have to feel that feeling. Seeing how she coped with her stress by harming herself, made me realize that this issue is common and many students cope with their stress in a similar way. Suicide rates amongst young teens are rising and I believe this is where school psychologist comes into play. Growing up in a loving household, my parents provided the support and encouragement I need. They raised me with good morals and gave me a strong foundation to develop. I want to work as a school psychologist to improve the lives of students in need of help and make sure it will not affect their
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