Professional School Counselor Reflection Essay

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When I decided to train to become a professional school counselor, I knew I had a long road ahead. I am trained to be a teacher, a special education teacher to be specific, and though I will be able to use much of my past experience as a classroom teacher in my school counseling practice, I am aware that I will also need to see my students in a new way, a more holistic way. I will need to focus not only on what works in the classroom, but what works in order to motivate and support the students with whom I meet. It is essential for me to determine what will drive me, inspire me to be the best school counselor for both my school and students, therefore, I must determine my professional philosophy of education and school counseling and develop my beliefs, vision and mission statements. Though there have been many philosophies of education over the years, there are two that encompass my belief system most, traditional and progressive. Most educators do not believe both philosophies can exist at the same time; however, during my study it became apparent that the two philosophies do not have to be mutually exclusive. In sharing my personal philosophy of education, I will share the benefits of both theories and how I would like to see them combined for the benefit of my school and …show more content…

The vision statement for my future school’s counseling department will describe a program which will empower all students to reach their highest potential by using a comprehensive program that addresses academic, personal/social, and career goals. It will promote an environment to encourage personal inquiry and growth, social responsibility, and academic excellence. School counselors believe that every student can succeed through the collaborative efforts including school, home, and community, leading to responsible and productive citizenship in the 21st century. (“Mission, Vision, and Values”,

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