Pineloch Elementary Case Study

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The following vision and mission of Pineloch Elementary will never be fulfilled with an administration and their leadership team bullying, harassing and picking on teachers that they have emotional nonprofessional issues with.
Vision: To be the top producer of successful students in the nation.
Mission: To lead our students to success with the support and involvement of families and the community.

Why has there been no action taken after a number of union teachers have expressed to union representatives about harassment and bullying from administration and the CRT/leadership team members at Pineloch Elementary?
Examples of Mrs. Danielle Arbelaez- Willis being a bully towards the teachers include but are not limited to using unprofessional gestures and remarks has been told to CTA representatives. Additional issues including but are not limited to making teachers leave because clothing that has been worn in the …show more content…

I am confused where the representation and concern for the union teachers is.
Harassment and bullying is not tolerated by students and is documented on the news all over the country when it occurs. It is time to step in and remove the bullies – administration at Pineloch Elementary. The teachers should not be going home crying, worrying about being harassed or have to take medical leave to seek professional help.
The media needs to step in as this unprofessional harassing administrative behavior has been documented all year long. No longer can this be pushed under the rug. Media and lawyers need to be notified and action must take place. Teachers should not live in fear of harassment or false documentations, to lowering observations as personal vendettas are being fulfilled by the observers. Bullying and Harassment in the work place is illegal and not a good representation of what OCPS should stand

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