A Persuasive Essay On Bullying In Schools

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Bullying in Schools
What seems fun and harmless for some students, is painful and degrading to others. Bullying has been a critical issue around schools, but before it was not as dangerous and know as it is now. These do not means bullying was not happening, it means it was not taken into consideration by parents or teachers. They thought it was just peer pressure or a kids game, and sooner or later the kids would be friends again. At one point, bullies think it’s normal to be mean and abusive to other students. They tell the victim, “I’m just messing with you” after aggression. On the other hand, the victim gives power to the bully by not speaking up and being afraid. Bullying can be avoid if the victim speaks up and seeks help from a teacher, parent, the principal, or a friend. Bullying is harmful because the …show more content…

Activities should be assigned to parents and students to get them more involved and find a solution to the situation. For example; community service, anti-bullying workshops, and school activities. Also, parents should be required to be more involved with the student academics, social life, and be responsible for their child’s behavior. By being involved in their kid’s life, this will help the bully have a better understanding of the situation, and he or she will learn how dangerous and painful is being a bully. On the other hand, involved parents should have a better understanding as of why the student is having this behavior and will know how to help their child or seek additional help. Students will be aware of how much damage a bully may cause to the victim, and many times a bully is a victim of another bully. According to (Psychological Association) “Educate your children about bullying. It is possible that your child is having trouble reading social signs and does not know what they are doing is hurtful. Remind your child that bullying others can have legal

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