Carrie By Stephen King Essay

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Around the world there are many kind of problems that afflict kids of all age but there is one in particular that is relevant, this problem is the bullying. Also many kids commit suicide because of this problem, this isn't an actual problem, the bullying exist many years ago almost all generations of humans witness the bullying in the childhood. The bullying is defined as “repeated verbal, physical, social or psychological aggressive behavior by a person or group that is intended to cause harm, distress or fear” (Victoria state government) The bullying is stronger in the adolescent because in those age are too insecure and have a lot of questions about himself, this is the topic that Stephen king use in his book Carrie when she got abused by her classmates during her childhood and adolescent. Based in the following citation “the bullying takes a special breed of person to cause pain to others, but the one most hurt by bullying is the bully himself- thought that’s not at first obvious and the effects worsen over the life cycle” (Marano) we can conclude that this citation applies at the situations of Stephen king’s book for example the bullying that suffer Carrie when she was a child because her religion was different and her classmates make jokes and laughing about her beliefs causing insecurities in Carrie; this did that with the time she had …show more content…

Although the book has some of these things with a little exaggeration, it is something that still exists today; perhaps not to the same degree of intensity that shown in the book, but it is still something that in some moment of the life the persons suffer, It is why this is very important to make people aware and take action in the matter considering the damage that would be caused to the person who is

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