Counselor Career Goals

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When I complete all of my schoolings I would like to become a behavioral disorder counselor. This career is for me because I love helping people, I want to help people better understand themselves so they can overcome their problems, and the human brain and the thought process has always been a huge interest to me. Is has always been a goal in my life to be somewhere in the healthcare field working, and this is the area that intrigues me and always keeps me interested. As of right now, my future plans are to finish high school, graduate college with a doctorate in behavioral psychology, and then further on to work as a counselor in a private practice. Behavior therapists can work in hospitals, solo or group private practices,…show more content…
They then show patients how to apply the things they have learned to treating their disorder. These therapists help clients find other activities to help them deflect themselves from the things that make them feel distressed. Behavior therapists will normally work with clients who suffer from anxiety disorders, mood disorders, anger management issues, depression, and a variety of addictions and phobias. Various skills are needed in order to do this job. For example, interpersonal skills, leadership and discretion skills, business skills, communication skills, and organization skills are some important skills that every counselor should possess. Although having all of those skills is still very important, being friendly, caring, understanding, and trustworthy are the skills that will help you connect with your patients. Earning the trust of your patient is crucial to all therapy processes, especially in behavior and substance abuse patients, which means being able to not judge your clients for their actions is such an important responsibility. Therefore, if the client does not trust and connect to their therapist, it is more likely they will not complete their road to recovery. All of my life I have been a very outgoing, talkative person, and I am usually the person my friends come to for advice in difficult situations. I love giving people advice, and I like helping people figure out and…show more content…
Employment of substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselors is estimated to grow thirty-one percent from year 2012 to 2022, which is much faster than the average for all occupations. These counselors have a diverse set of responsibilities, for instance, a typical day for them include assessing and talking to patients, helping them understand their illness, and helping them plan their road to recovery. It can be a stressful occupation at times, which is why it is important to understand the pros and cons of the job in the beginning. While having a job with great benefits, high job demand, as well as a diverse choice of job settings is satisfactory, it also has downfalls such as coming in contact with violent and distraught patients, immense pressure if meeting strict deadlines, and around the clock dedication. It can also be a mentally and physically stressful job and
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