Physical Therapist Assistant Essay Examples

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When I grow up as a child, I was setting goals for a future and what to do in life. I choose to pursue Physical therapist assistant which it is a reason why I want to help people, be more responsible, give good attitude to the patients. Next 5 years I will be working in different states at hospital or clinic. I may change to undecided major whether if I want to pursue different major.

According to Occupational outlook handbook” Physical therapist assistant observe the patients before, during and after therapy; making notes patient’s status and report it to a physical therapist.’’. Patients were using the variety of techniques by physical therapist assistant and physical therapist use equipment for a therapy. The treatment helps educate patients and family members what to do after being treated. It is important for patient’s exercises every day and loses little bit weight. Physical therapist assistant always keeps updated with their patients to see how they doing. I want to pursue physical therapist assistant as my career and …show more content…

It is progressing growing faster than the average all other jobs. ‘’ physical therapist assistant aids is projected to grow 29 percent from 2016 to 2026, much faster than the average for all different jobs’’. The number increased by employers in this field and much improvement. I want to do internships to have expertise on hand on training. I may do internships closer my home or a little bit far depends on where. I don’t know if I want do physical therapist instead physical therapist assistant and I want to pursue athlete trainer maybe in the future. I will continue to go to physical therapy school and to become physical therapist assistant take 2 years or 3 years. The requirement for physical therapy is normal to raise in related to the health use of a population, particularly the large baby-boom generations

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