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Physical Therapy
Physical Therapists provide rehabilitation for injuries and help maintain stability. “Some history of Physical Therapist formed their first professional association in 1921 called the American Women’s physical therapeutic association. In the late 1940s, the association had changed its name to the American Physical Therapy Association. Physical Therapy was developed when the association’s membership swelled to 8,000 and the number of physical therapy education programs across the US increased from 16 to 39”(“APTA History”). Although many people may think being a physical therapist is hard because of the qualifications needed, the daily work, salary, and needs of the service have drawn my attention to the field.
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“In the 1960s, APTA membership reached almost 15,000, and the number of education programs nationwide grew to 52. currently 213 institutions offer physical therapy education programs and 309 institutions offer physical therapy assistant education programs in the United States”(“APTA History”). “At the time the survey was conducted, the bachelor 's degree in Physical Therapy was sufficient education for physical therapists, and therefore less than one-quarter of grads pursued higher degrees of any kind.(“Fogg”) “39% of PTs have master’s degrees, 37% have doctoral degrees, and 8% have bachelor’s degrees”(“ONET OnLine”). My future needs for becoming a Physical Therapist is for me to go to college and get a good degree to become a PT and hopefully work with my brother. Working with my brother has always been a dream of mine since we were both interested in the same career. PT can change the world by helping peoples torn, broken, or sprained body parts to try to get their original or better movement and stability. My experience as a patient was very productive i was only in PT for a month or two it is challenging but they are just trying to help you regain strength and stability. Physical Therapy is needed in this world so people can have good movement and stability after an injury or a surgery. “You need to know medicine and dentistry, therapy and counseling, and biology will be some classes to…show more content…
What has sparked my interest is once I knew that my brother was going to school to become a PT I thought it sounded like a good job so then I became an athletic trainer so I can start to learn some now. “My interest in this career is to be able to help people get back to where they once were”(“Barton”). I am currently doing athletic training to help me continue learning about being a PT by helping when someone gets an injury or by trying to give them some strengthening exercises. I have been really interested in this career for a very long time ever since I have known about Physical Therapy and what it does I have wanted to be in the field. This career has interested me the most I think because I like learning more and more everyday and being a physical therapist you learn a lot each day. You would learn more about the body everyday like learning about new exercises to do and learning more body parts such as tendons, ligaments, bones, muscles, and many different things such as
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