Physical Therapist Outlook

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Physical Therapists are licensed health care professionals, they help patients with pain and help with mobility. They help people recover from surgery. Teach patients how to manage or prevent pain. They can work in hospitals, private practices, schools, sports, nursing home, and outpatient clinics. Physical therapist take care of people all different ages. They help people who have functional problems. PTs work as part of a health care team, they oversee the work of physical therapist assistants and aides. They also consult with surgeons and other health care officials.

Education requirements.
Physical Therapists have to have a graduate degree from an accredited physical therapist program. Then they have to take the national licensure exam, this allows them to practice. PTs are required to complete graduate degree either a masters of clinical doctorate. They typically do 3 years of college for Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree. You will take classes like anatomy, biology, physiology, and chemistry. To become a PT you need to have a degree in Physical Therapy and have to pass the state 's licence exam. After you graduate you may want to take a clinical fellowship or a residency fellowship. …show more content…

Because, of the baby boomers there will be a large number of aging people. PTs are high in demand. This occupation is faster growing than the average job. There are more the 204,000 physical therapist in the United States. The average wage for a physical therapist is about $84,000. Most physical therapist work Mondays-Fridays. But some work weekends or evenings. “Job prospects should be particularly good in acute-care hospitals, skilled-nursing facilities, and orthopedic settings, where the elderly are most often treated. Job prospects should be especially favorable in rural areas because many physical therapists live in highly populated urban and suburban areas(Occupational Outlook Handbook).”Work

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