Why I Want To Be An Athletic Trainer Essay

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Athletic Trainer
Athletic trainer is the best career for me because it will bring me personal joy, financial stability, and opportunities to help others.
First, a career in athletic training it would bring me great personal satisfaction. Ever since I was in elementary school, I have been the type of person who becomes concerned for my friends’ health . I always feel that I can in some way make their lives better. This is exactly the type of work that a athletic trainer does on a daily basis. According to an article in Occupational Outlook Handbook titled "Athletic Trainers", “Many athletic trainers work in educational facilities, such as secondary schools and colleges. Others may work in physicians’ offices or for professional sports teams. Some athletic trainers work in rehabilitation and therapy clinics which will help of all ages , in the military, or with performing artists so they will help make the people better from injuries or from surgery. They may spend much of their time working outdoors on sports fields in all types of weather” "athletic trainers"). Also They plan and execute rehabilitative programs designed to improve the patient’s mobility, increase his or her strength and relieve or at least lessen his or her pain. But also how they help is Athletic trainers help prevent …show more content…

By saving my money in a bank account,and live a normal human life. But I would like to live locally to my job in a not so small house but a decent house for rent with family and have a wife with also decent money to pay for food,the kids,and bills and then to have family vacations were going to have to save money in accounts and life saving.According to the BLS, another benefit is pay: “The median annual wage for physical therapists was $82,390 in 2014 ("Physical Therapist Ranks Among Best Jobs of 2016") . . The best-paid 10 percent made $116,090, while the bottom 10 percent made $56,800” ("Athletic

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