Career Essay: A Career In Sports Medicine

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In today’s scientific world there is a relatively new topic called sports medicine. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, “Sports Medicine is the field of medicine concerned with injuries sustained in athletic endeavors, including their prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.” Sports medicine is a helpful scientific field that allows medical personnel become more familiar with areas within the sports world and medical world. There are many different areas and job careers that someone can have from sports medicine. Some of the main topics that are focused on within sports medicine are physical therapy, occupational therapy, sports medicine physician and athletic training. Sports medicine can be broken down into many different…show more content…
A medical physician is trained in how to treat and diagnosis diseases of the joints and bones. His job is also to help upkeep the body’s health. They help patients come up with a plan that will help them get on a path that will benefit their well-being and teaches patients how to avoid injury or harm again. These physicians are the people that recommend patients to go to physical or occupational therapy. In order to become a medical physician in sports medicine, a student must complete a four-year undergrad program. After they have completed that they must go for a more specific degree. “…you must complete a Doctor osteopathic Medicine or a Doctor of Medicine degree. MD or DO degree programs generally involve four years of academic coursework in biology, biochemistry, anatomy, pathology, psychology, physiology, medical ethics and pharmacology” stated Academic Invest. These jobs are slightly more difficult to come by. This has become in order to get a job as a medical physician one would have to work in either their own practice or in a sports medicine clinic. Another job someone might get is working for an athletic team or company. These jobs are very hard to come by. An average salary per year for a sports physician is about
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