Physics And Physics: The Importance Of Physics In Sports

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RELATION BETWEEN PHYSICS AND SPORTS Introduction: When people think about sports and athletics, the subject of physics doesn’t always comes to their mind. But the influence of physics is found in every aspect of the sport. Physics is simple as a bouncing of a ball or complex as a roller coaster. Each single movement in a sport contains a great deal of physics. Every sport consumes multiple of physics principles. There can’t be any sport played without physics. Physics has a vital role in the field of sports. Physics can be linked with sports on many different levels. When we play sports, lift weight or even buy sports equipment we probably don’t know how much physics is applied on it. The manufacture has to consider about what will make the equipment better, and what material will cause the material to function at its max potential. The athlete and the manufactures should have a high knowledge of physics, because all sports involve motion, mass, energy and gravity. Human internal and external forces and movement are essential for all sports. Many athletes, studies theirs internal and external movement and forces, in motion or in rest. Since, it helps to identify the best method to perform an action. Consequently, the study that deals with human movement, including internal and external forces that are in effect of motion or rest is called Sports Biomechanics. It is simply defined as physics applied in sports through human action. The

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