Essay On Concussions In Physical Sports

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Physical sports can sometimes be quite dangerous. Especially concussions, Concussion is a temporary loss of brain function typically resulting from a relatively mild injury to the brain, not necessarily associated with unconsciousness. The problem of concussions is it happens to often. I say physical sports make rules protecting you from concussion. This is important because Concussions can sometimes result in long-term injuries. This is a problem because you don’t want to live life in pain from one blow to the head. As said by Weill Cornell long-term concussion injuries may cause “Moderate to severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) which can cause symptoms similar to a concussion, but people with these TBIs often experience more severe problems with attention and short-term memory, have difficulty …show more content…

This is a problem because nobody wants to experience pain so this will make them think twice before they do something that could lead to concussion. ”Signs and symptoms may include headache, vomiting, nausea, sensitivity to light or sound, ringing in the ears, difficulty concentrating, memory loss of events both before and after the concussion, unsteady balance, slurred speech, glassy-eyed staring, loss of consciousness, feeling foggy or slow, emotional changes, and visual changes such as blurry vision, “seeing stars,” or double vision.” These are some of the symptoms of concussion which could lead to fear in doing anything that could cause a concussion. Chris Borland is a great example of fear of getting a concussion “At age 24, not even yet in his prime as an NFL player, Borland told his team he was retiring because he was worried about the long-term effects of head trauma.” Explain why that matters:This matters because Athletes are afraid of concussion so they stop doing what they love. Another problem is that if you get too many concussions the long-term effects increase

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