Effects Of Concussions

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Hannah Hawker
AP Language and Composition
23 December 2015
What are the effects of a concussion? Contact sports have become one of the most popular entertainment facets in United States culture. One of the most popular is football, which may be more dangerous than perceived by fans. There are various physical health risks associated with playing football; however, many people fail to realize that football carries mental health risks as well. Concussions are a serious head injury that can lead to long term health effects and are very common in high contact sports such as football. A concussion occurs when the brain hits against the interior of the skull. In high contact sports such as football, head to head hitting occurs frequently, potentially resulting in a concussion. Diagnosing concussions can be difficult, which means players can experience multiple minor concussions in a single game. A recent study showed that, “In a study of collegiate athletes, 1/3 reported that they failed to report their concussion for ‘fear’ that being diagnosed with a concussion would result in negative repercussions from the coach or coaching staff” (Abdullah, Grady, Levine.)
Although concussions are very serious when they first occur, the after effects of concussions are even more severe. For example, “Ray Easterling, …show more content…

Their brains are still developing, and an injury like a concussion can possibly hinder proper development of the brain. A recent study shows, “Three months after a concussion, children 8 to 16 years of age have been found to have persistent deficits in processing complex visual stimuli.” (Halstead et. al.) Another concern is that adolescents who have been concussed are more likely to obtain substantially lower grade point averages compared to their peers (Halstead et. al.) Concussions may not appear to be serious in a physical sense, but they can lead to lifelong psychological

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