Pros And Cons Of Nascar Racing

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Nascar racing is one of the most famous competitions of the world and also a national symbol. But, Nasar is more complex than what it seems, in order to win a NASCAR race, the teams behind each car have to cosidered the three D’s (Downforce, Drag and Drafting), These three factors are crucial, and if used correctly it can be the key to win the race. To have a better comprehension of the three D’s, it is necessary to understand what they are and how they affect the racing cars.


Downforce allows the race cars to travel faster through a corner by increasing the vertical force. Nascar glossary states that “air pressure moving over a race car 's various surfaces creates "downforce" or increased weight. and while downforce increases tire grip and cornering speeds, there 's a significant tradeoff -- greater downforce also increases drag, which reduces straightaway speeds” ( a racing car, that 's seen as bad …show more content…

For example drafting is applied when ”Driver 2” tucks the nose of his car almost underneath the rear bumper of “Driver 1’s” car to improve airflow over both cars.Sometimes you will hear this maneuver called "running nose-to-tail.Drafting on the track enables the race car following the lead car to lessen its drag. If you want to stick the tires in the track, downforce is definitely the most important of the three D 's. An absence or even a significant reduction of downforce might cause the car to lift off of the track surface, similar to an airplane taking off.

In conclusion physics deals with everything that has to do with matter and energy. This is why it is required to have an exceptional understanding in physics,to adequately modify the race car depending the situation. Next time you are watching the Nascar Sprint Cup, keep in mind on how the three “D’s” have an effect on the race

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