Summary: Football Is Too Dangerous

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The inconceivable is the thought of one participating in a physical activity in which they know is extremely harmful to his or her body and health. As Americans, we subconsciously support these activities both emotionally and financially. Admit it or not, sports that children play starting at age three can be rough and intense. Whether the sport may be baseball, football, soccer, cheerleading, basketball, track, volleyball, tennis, or softball does not matter, they are all activities that require strong physicality. Among these physical sports, football requires the most physical contact. Football is also considered the most popular sport in the world (Aiello 1). The sport known as “football” is too dangerous for players of all ages in that it is responsible for harsh physical strain, improper equipment, and numerous injuries. Along with the most support, football is also known for the overall physical strain each player faces. Every play, no matter the position, involves intense head-to-head contact. This repeated action has the ability to weaken a player’s stamina. Although forty-six states are participating in limiting the number of hits per practice, one’s body is still unsafe to participate in …show more content…

Even former President Theodore Roosevelt is on the opposing side of this argument (Zimmerman 1). People of the opposing side do not realize that popularity and safety are not at all in the same. In the same article, it is stated, “It also announced this year that it would donate $45 million to the youth organization it founded, USA Football, in part to expand safety training for coaches” (Zimmerman 1). One on the opposing side would typically use this as his or her argument. If our American football coaches are being trained to limit physical strain, use proper equipment, and avoid as many injuries as possible, then what would be the gain of ending football once and for all? Safety is the

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