Functionalism In Sport

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Social Theories provides us with insights and explanations as to why people act the way they do. Sports is a human activity that involves physical skill and hard work. Sports is also governed by a set of rules and it is taken competitively. It is said that sports is taken seriously and is very important for athletes and even for the fans, some even say it is like a religion for them. Though not everyone in the society follow any sport, because they see that it has no relation to their lives. The connection of Social Theories and Sports is seen in how we see different kinds of human behavior and interactions of individuals; it can provide positive and negative outcomes. With the help of Social Theories we can grasp the process, patterns, values,…show more content…
As mentioned, structural functionalism is how members in a team are given specific roles and tasks to perform in order to work well as a team; Social conflict on the other hand is how team members will disagree at some points or on certain decisions which might include electing a new captain for the team. In relation to sports and to both theories mentioned, Symbolic Interactionist could be manifested through the symbol of what a captain represents and how it affects a team. A captain is generally there to lead the team, encourage, organize and remind them of their respective roles within the team. The role of a captain directly affects how the team will function and perform through interaction such as their communication skills and their ability to lead a team. Another is how the members of the team give meaning to and identify the authority of a captain and how they respond to it. Through this they accomplish expected responsibilities and tasks, which lead to an effective team. Another example would be trophies given in sports. Although for non-athletes it does not seem like such a big deal, for those who won the trophies, it could mean the world to them. This is a perfect example of the “looking glass self” as a trophy could possibly symbolize how an athlete feels after winning…show more content…
Functionalist theory generally leads to the conclusion that sports is well known in society, because they maintain the mores and values that keeps the stability and order in everyday life. Conflict theory focuses on the need to change the organization of sports and society. The goal of these changes is to give workers, in-cluding athletes, control over the conditions of their work or even their own schedule. In this case it identifies factors related to class relations and economic exploitation in sports. In the micro approach, it tries to understand the meanings, identities, and social relationships associated with sport
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