Mary Hums: The Universal Language Of Sports

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Sports has been the leader of social economical, human rights issues and overall changing landscape of evolutionary connection with sports and the world. Sports has been the universal language for every country can connect with which I have felt, while also being the light towards peace I especially like the article “Conscience and commerce of sport management” describes the evolution of sports from the humble beginnings to the now looking towards the future via the point of view through the eyes of Mary Hurns from her first class of self-defense to 30 years later such as the mirror of sports has evolved.
Furthermore besides the article being discussed about her experiences teaching from the first day she taught self-defense class until now …show more content…

Hums also mentions strongly about the new issues that has connected with sports through the mirror of life in terms of social economical, entrepreneurship, using the universal language of sport as a mean towards the development of peace, environmental perseveration aspect being introduced. Furthermore human rights, with the most significant of them all new technology which made the world which was once considered so big reach new heights to make the world smaller with the infinite access to …show more content…

There are similar works to Dr. Hums article such as fundamentals of sport management written by Robert E. Baker, ‎Craig Esherick, which includes social ideological aspects impacting sports and the sports industry. As well as principles and practices of sports management written by Lisa Pike Masteralexis, ‎Department Head and Associate Professor Mark H McCormack Department of Sport Management Isenberg School of Management University of Massachusetts Amherst Massachusetts Lisa P Masteralexis, ‎Carol A. Barr which also translates some the views shared in the article.
When reading this article I feel that the knowledge has been instrumental and it is a significant contribution for any sport mange new or old to read, reading it show the visual as well as informational description of the evolution and how fast it has evolve with new technology and world experiences shared due to a few sport management professors sharing their experiences as well as guiding students about the Pitfalls of commerce of sports and the spirit of sports thin line that we would have to

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