Personal Narrative: The Sport Of Golf

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Sports have been around for thousands of years and will continue to be for generations to come. They serve great importance to the human race as they breed happiness, passion, opportunities, and the mindset to win. Sports have always been around to provide an outlet to relieve stress and find one’s true inner self. There are thousands of different kinds of sports played by nearly six hundred million people around the world. Sports vary from inexpensive to very expensive, self-played to team sport, and easy to challenging. As a kid, I have been fortunate to play nearly twenty different sports and experience the highs and lows of each one. Of the ones I played, golf is the sport that sticks out to me as the most challenging, yet the most rewarding …show more content…

The view of a perfect golf shot is incredible and the feeling is like no other. This sport needs to be recognized by more people as it has potential to be the next big sport in the United States. Since 1754, the game of golf erupted in Scotland and has transformed each century into one of the most challenging, yet most rewarding sports on the planet, and continues to grow in popularity. As mentioned before, the game of golf was introduced in 1754 when St. Andrews opened in Scotland. This was one of the first golf courses opened in the entire world. Like all new things, it took awhile to gain traction and popularity within the community. The sport was completely new to the world and people didn’t have the equipment to play. In the early years, golf was played with clubs that were made completely out of wood. The wooden shafts and woodenheads made it pretty hard to hit the ball long distances. Not too add, the golf ball they used to hit were called “featheries” and were made of leader stitched tightly together and stuffed with goose feathers. This lasted for nearly a hundred years until people started utilizing the technology around them to create …show more content…

When the golfer strolls up to the ball, they must determine what kind of “lie” they are in. A “lie” is essentially the position the ball is in. If the golf ball is in a good “lie”, it will be easy to hit the ball. If the ball is in a bad lie, the golfer will have to grab a golf club that will hit the ball further. A golfer must use their eyes to estimate how far away the flag is from them. This will determine what club is the best fit. Once the golfer estimates what club will get them to the pin with the right amount of distance, they should acquire an athletic stance behind the ball with their feet shoulder width apart. Then the challenging part comes with the golf swing. They must be able to cock their shoulders and arms back to give the club potential energy and then accelerate very quickly. A golfer should accelerate to get their arms swinging close to one hundred miles per hour. This will get the ball moving the proper way. On this down swing they must get in contact with the ball very accurately. If they are even a millimeter off, it will affect the ball flight and could screw up the entire shot. Once they hit the ball they must follow through and transfer their weight from their back foot to their front and then watch the stunning shot land at their desired location. There are many factors to consider when trying to hit the perfect shot and my explanations

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